The profiles are specific and from our design. They are carefully designed with modular dimensions which ensure a perfect compatibility of all the range.

Range of profiles 19

Profile 19x30
Profile 19x45


Range of profiles 30

Profile 30x30
Profile 30x30 1F
Profile 30x30 2F
Profile 30x60


Range of profiles 40

Profile 40x40 light
Profile 40x40 heavy
Profile 40x40 1F
Profile 40x40 2F
Profile 40x80
Profile 80x80


Range of profiles 45

Profile 45x45 light
Profile 45x45
Profile 45x45 heavy
Profile 45x45 1F
Profile 45x45 2F
Profile 45x45 2F Parallel
Profile 45x45 3F
Profile 45x19
Profile 45x30
Profile 45x32
Profile 45x90
Profile 45x90 heavy
Profile 45x90 4F
Profile 45x180


Range of profiles 60

Profile 60x60


Range of profiles 90

Profile 90x90 light
Profile 90x90
Profile 90x90 heavy
Profile 90x180



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